20 Accenture Interview Questions and Tips for ICAI Campus Placement?



Accenture is a global service and consulting company. Offering strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations services, it is a Fortune 500 company with offices worldwide. Accenture is one of the best companies in which candidates give their best shot to get selected in the campus placement of ICAI.
Do read about the company’s vision and value on Accenture’s official website.

Accenture has been a consistent recruiter from ICAI Campus. It hires for multiple roles at various locations across India. Accenture participated in 11 centers of India in ICAI Campus Placement from Sep-Oct 2021.

Here is a brief list of all the Accenture interview questions for chartered accountants you need to prepare to ace your interview selection in the campus placement of ICAI.

Candidates will receive a call from HR, and they’ll let you know about the interview dates.

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Accenture conducts two interview rounds

Candidates who are a part of the ICAI Campus Placement process for Anand Rathi are judged on three major criteria/parameters:

1. Technical and skill round
2. Final Round.

It will be a lengthy process, so try to be patient throughout the process.

Accenture usually hires Chartered Accountant for the following two roles from the ICAI Campus Placement:

SAP Financial Analyst
CFM (Client Financial Management) role

Details about the roles:

SAP Financial Analyst

In this, people understand the clients’ requirements and convey the same to the IT people, who meet their needs. They speak to the IT people about what needs to be done about financial statements and reports, and they all work accordingly. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an SAP Financial Analyst in Accenture is ₹7,28,733 per year.

CFM (Client Financial Management) Role

They check upon every receivable, which will be added to the financial balance sheet of the company. Every month they meet with the delivery leads (engineers who are actually delivering service for the company) performing services for the company. CAs suggest the overall performance of the month and how they could have incurred the cost. They even forecast the cost and give suggestions to consider to improvise the performance ahead. It is all about managing cost centers and revenue in the balance sheet.

Following is the list of 20 most important Accenture Interview questions for CA asked in the ICAI Campus for the roles mentioned above:

1. Questions and case studies related to IND AS155.

2. The treatment you’ll apply to the given scenarios of IND AS 155?

3. Concepts of Financial Management

4. Basic accounting principles

5. Basic general entries

6. Costing case studies

7. What will all costs be required to calculate certain costs?

8. Articleship experience

9. Situational case scenarios about Articleship

10. Questions related to revenues

11. Differences between forecasting and budgeting?

12. What is working capital management?

13. What do you mean by depreciation?

14. Why is depreciation recorded in the balance sheet?

15. How will it help the company?

16. How to interpret cash flows?

17. What are the segments in the cash flows?

18. Examples of the cash flows.

19. Questions about financial modeling

20. Basic questions about yourself

Pro Tip: Prepare for all the Accenture interview questions for Chartered Accountants which a service company will focus on. What questions can a service company put up?

Recruiters of Accenture will not ask you technical questions in-depth as they know you are well aware of the facts. You cleared CA examinations and are knowledgeable enough.

Watch the Full video below on Accenture Interview Preparation.

6 Tips for Accenture Interview questions for CA In ICAI Campus Placements

1. It's okay to say NO

If you know answers to specific Accenture interview questions for Chartered Accountants or are even confused about the answers, politely say NO, that you don’t know the answers to the questions. It’s totally alright to admit that you don’t know the answers to some of the questions.
Do not bluff or seem uneasy while answering the questions. It might put a wrong impression on the recruiter and will affect your selection too.

2. Confidence is the key in the interviews.

Confidence can uplift your game in the ICAI campus placement process for Accenture. Recruiters are looking for people who’ll be confident enough to pull up the tasks and work passionately.
Do not show that you are scared or insecure to work for their company and are not ready for a specific job. Be confident in any situation that comes to you.

3. Mock Interview.

You need to prepare well for the Accenture interview questions for Chartered Accountants to avoid unnecessary mistakes and to hike up your confidence. The mock interview will assist you and provide a deep insight into how the interview works for you. Practice mock interviews with Chartered Accountants from Accenture here.

4. Be Flexible.

Try not to be rigid during the interview. Recruiters of Accenture will ask you about the locations, roles, working shifts, and more; try to be flexible. Be open to everything that comes to your path in the ICAI campus placement process for Accenture. Although, tell them your preferences.

5. Avoid asking immature questions.

Avoid asking questions that may seem immature to the recruiters like,

  • Can I change my location after getting selected?
  • What will be my working hours?
Instead, ask questions that seem wise like,
  • What will be my job role?
  • Will I be getting any training after my selection?

6. Patience.

Interviews at Accenture are time-consuming and so patient during the whole process.

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FAQs: ICAI Campus Placement Process for Accenture

Ques1: Can I get a job role after some time in Accenture?
Ans: Yes, you can change your job role after giving an interview.

Ques2: Is there any Group Discussion round in the interview?
Ans: No, there is no Group Discussion round in the interview process. Although, it depends upon the availability of the time and number of the candidates.

Ques3: Will I ask any technical questions related to SAP and Oracle?
Ans: No, you won’t be asked any technical questions regarding SAP and Oracle.

Ques4: Will I be provided any training in SAP and Oracle after selection?
Ans: Yes, there will be training.

Now you are well aware of all the Accenture interview questions for CA, prepare well and ace your interview confidently.

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