Ultimate Guide to Barclays Interview Questions for ICAI Campus Placement



Barclays is one of those firms consistently participating in the campus placement of ICAI. Barclays is an international brand name in banking and headquartered in London.

Barclay interview questions in ICAI campus placement are indeed challenging, and you need to prepare well to ace the interview. But anything is possible with the right strategy and guidance. Barclays is the dream company for many CA’s. But with the increase in competition and Fear of rejection, candidates struggle a lot in the ICAI interview process.

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Here’s a brief insight into the Barclay Interview and the preparation strategy related to Campus Placement of ICAI.

Basically, there are two main profiles for the CA in the Barclay in ICAI Campus Placement, which are preferred:

  • Product Control
  • Financial Control

Earlier in ICAI Campus Placement used to test technical knowledge more, but now, more focus is on testing the candidates’ personalities.

They would test the candidates more based on giving multiple situations, examining their reactions to the difficulties and their behavior. As the recruiters of Barclays know, your technical knowledge is already tested in the CA examinations.

Although you should be prepared for the technical questions in the interview process of campus placement of ICAI like call auction, stock auctions, Black-Scholes model, types of valuation, how to value shares, values of derivatives, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Financial Management, etc. to ace your interview with Barclays.

10 Key Points for Barclay Interview Process in ICAI Campus Placement

Gestures and Attitude
In the ICAI Campus Placement Interview, HR will be examining and analyzing your behavior. You have to dress appropriately and have a nice haircut to look professional. Do not appear nervous or shake your legs or nod your head unnecessarily. Maintain a positive attitude during the Barclay interview process. Wear formals with polished shoes. Avoid strong cologne. Wear pastel-colored clothes to appear more decent and avoid heavy or shiny accessories.

They will be testing your confidence throughout the interview process and have a keen eye on your attitude. They will put you in a difficult situation to test your confidence, so do not hesitate or appear frightened or startled.

Basic Questions
Your interview will most likely begin with a few basic interview questions to get the conversation going in the right direction. Answer the Barclay Interview questions honestly and confidently. Do not play around with the words; answer precisely and lead the discussion to the positive road in the ICAI interview process Questions of Campus placement of ICAI are:

  • Why do you want to choose this division?
  • What are your thoughts on this division?
  • What do you think you could add to the role?
  • Why are you interested in working at Barclays?
  • Who are Barclays’ rivals?
  • What kind of research did you conduct for this position?
  • Which one do you think your most significant strength is?
  • In your opinion, What obstacles does your division face?

What are your most significant weaknesses?
Make sure you do not point out your weaknesses straightaway. Tell your weaknesses so that they don’t even look like a weakness to the recruiter. Or, explain that you are working on yourself to improve or exclude them.

Deep understanding of Company
A company trusts you when you have a deep knowledge of the company you are applying for.

  • Who is the CEO of the company of Barclay?
  • Which problems do you believe are currently plaguing Barclays clients?
  • What are the company’s present and future plans?
  • What is the tagline and economy of the company?
  • Why did Barclays recently invest 3000 crores in India? What are the future prospects of growth in India?

Be aware of what is written in your resume. The resume may speak for you, but you’ll be the only person to justify and make them understand why it is written. Make sure to make them know the overall you and your mentality.

Situation Tackling
Questions of Barclay Interview will be based on the situations and to check your critical thinking. How creative and fit you are in the job role in the interview process of ICAI.Some questions which they can put up are:

  • What problems are now plaguing the banking industry?
  • How would you manage a group if you were given the task?
  • Which obstacles does your division face?
  • What would you do if management changed the goals of the project you were working on halfway through?
  • Tell me about a time when you were able to persuade someone to agree with you.
  • An incident when you had to adjust your approach for someone else to understand you.
  • Tell me about a time when you had to cope with a team problem

Ask Questions in ICAI Campus Placement
It’s preferable to constantly ask the recruiter relevant questions, as this shows that you’re interested in the company and the job role.

Apart from the job role, put up some of the good questions like:

  • Why did Barclays invest 3000 crores in India?
  • How do you see the growth of the company?

Barclay Interview Technical Questions
The recruiter of Barclays may not dive deep into the technical questions as you have already proved your worth in the exams, but it is wise to be prepared for them. Placement preparation for CA is better than failure!

Some of the technical questions recruiters may ask you are:

  • Let’s say you invested 100/- in the 10,000 shares of Reliance. How will you show 10% upward and 10% downward movement in the share of Reliance? What will be the impact of the situation on the financial statement?
  • How will you show the combined entry of the statement as mentioned earlier?
  • They might ask you basic questions about the lease, revenue recognition, derivatives, how to measure assets, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and more.

You must carefully answer the Barclay Interview questions, explain them thoroughly, and present your words precisely in the ICAI Campus Placement

Current Affairs
Many candidates ought to avoid or skip the crucial step of current affairs, assuming it to be less critical. But in the interviews, recruiters are keen to test your knowledge about the financial world, business world, and their impact on multiple industries. They want to assess your understanding of how aware you are of the scenarios and circumstances around you and the financial sector.

The recruiters of Barclays can put up questions are:

  • What effect does Corona have on the stock market?
  • What can be done to boost our country’s GDP, and why?
  • Why can the pandemic be seen as a boon for many industries?
  • How is the X factor influencing our GDP?
  • Why would you prefer Covaxin over Covishield?
  • What is the impact of the Evergrande Group of Real Estate’s collapse in China? What will be the economic impact on the whole world? It might repeat the crisis of 2008. How can it affect the stock market?

Answer the questions well, and in case you don’t know the answers to some questions, be honest and tell them that you don’t know the answers to these questions. It won’t add negative points to your interview process at ICAI Campus Placement.Everyone wants to recruit an Honest person somewhat over a dishonest one!Be confident in Barclay Interview Process in every situation that comes towards you. A positive attitude is what makes a man perfect to face any circumstance.They will judge how you react if you don’t know the answers to some questions.

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KEY PREPARATION TIPS for Barclays Interview

Eliminate the Fear of the interview

Everybody has Fear towards the interview, and it is pretty normal to encounter. But exaggerating it won’t do any good, and it might eat you up! It is crucial to defeat and win over the Fear of the interview of ICAI Campus Placement before actually appearing for it. Interviews are not less than the exams, and you have already faced so many, you can ace the questions of Barclay interview as well. The interview is just a phase of your placement. Reduce Fear and work well.

Mock Interviews

The final key that will push you towards your ICAI Campus Placement is the Mock Interviews. The more, the better. Mock Interviews are as crucial as mock tests that you give before your exams, and mock interviews will define your strengths and weaknesses accordingly and prepare you before you actually appear for it. Mock Interviews are the BLUEPRINT of ICAI Campus Placement Interviews.If you’re still confused about where to give mock interviews and get the proper guidance, CA MONK got a solution for you.Give Mock Interviews with the Mentor who already aced the interview of your dream companies like EY, KPMG, ICICI Bank, Accenture, Wipro, and many more.

Mock Interview

A Positive Attitude

Everybody has Fear towards the interview, and it is pretty normal to encounter. But exaggerating it won’t do any good, and it might eat you up! It is crucial to defeat and win over the Fear of the interview of ICAI Campus Placement before actually appearing for it. Interviews are not less than the exams, and you have already faced so many, you can ace the questions of Barclay interview as well. The interview is just a phase of your placement. Reduce Fear and work well.

Be a Problem Solver, not a Creatore

Regardless of the name like Capgemini or any other, every company is looking for a person who will be a helping hand for the organization. People are looking for solution-oriented people who can commit well and perform better. They don’t want any problem-oriented people to work for the company. Present yourself as a problem solver person and give answers respectively.

It’s good to see that you read the whole blog to reach the end. It shows your solution to all your questions regarding Barclay in ICAI Campus Placement towards landing your dream job.

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