Anand Rathi ICAI Placement: Procedure, Questions, and Tips?



CA candidates are ever ready to bag their job in Anand Rathi in the ICAI campus placement. Irrespective of the rising competition and difficulty in Anand Rathi interview questions, one can easily ace their interview with the proper plan and correct preparation.

The company was founded in 1994. They strive to provide the best investment strategies for their clients by adhering to professionalism and ethical standards. Individuals, corporations, and institutions are among their clientele.

Anand Rathi includes investment banking, corporate financing, advisory brokerage, and distribution services in equities, commodities, mutual funds, and structured products. To their clients, they provide insurance, corporate deposits, bonds, and loans.

Campus Interview Objective

Candidates who are a part of the ICAI Campus Placement process for Anand Rathi are judged on three major criteria/parameters:

  • Identify the talented and qualified professionals.
  • Train the fresher as per the company’s work expectations and culture.
  • Build Company loyalty through the Campus placement process

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ICAI Campus Placement Process for Anand Rathi

It is the detailed structure of the ICAI Campus Placement process for Anand Rathi and it will give you a deep insight into the necessary takeaways.

Criteria for Preliminary Shortlisting

The criteria for shortlisting candidates who applied for the campus placement of ICAI are:

  • Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants from the Batch
  • 1 or 2nd attempt pass out
  • 10 & 12th Std passing 75% or above
  • Articleship with the firms having more than two partners
  • Industry preference of the candidates: Financial Sector or Service Industry

Panel Members of ICAI Campus Placement

Ten panels have 3-4 panel members who interview the particular candidate. Panel members are:
1. HR

Screening on the category basis to select the desired candidates out of all the people.
Category-wise split.


It is the criteria for Category A1 and Category A2.

  • Who cleared in 1st attempt
  • 60% and above
  • HSC 85% and above
  • SSC 85% and above
  • Students Qualifying all the above criteria.
Category A1:



  • Location-Mumbai
  • Articleship in a firm with minimum of five partners
  • Students who do not qualify all the above criteria.
Category A2:

Students are not qualifying all the above criteria in the campus placement of ICAI.
The proposed salary for the candidates is 7.5Lakhs.
More Bifurcation based on criteria mentioned below:

Category B:

Criteria for Category B

  • Who cleared in 1st attempt
  • 60% and above
  • HSC 85% and above
  • SSC 85% and above
  • Articleship with the firm having 2-4 partners

Proposed Salary: 7 Lacs pa

Category C:

  • All the Second attempts passed profiles.

Proposed Salary: 6.5 Lacs

Anand Rathi Company has a six-month probation period for all campus recruits in ICAI Campus Placement.

Candidate's Evaluation Criteria

  • Communication Skills
  • Appearance & Grooming
  • Confidence
  • General Knowledge
  • Technology/ Technical proficiency
  • Attitude
  • Interpersonal Skills

Evaluation Criteria

  • Exceptional
  • Good
  • Average
  • Below Average
  • Poor

Anand Rathi Interview Questions for CA asked by the recruiters in the campus placement of ICAI are:

Anand Rathi interview questions for chartered accountants comprised of various questions listed below:

A) Personal Information related:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Details about the family
  • What are your hobbies?

B) Academics & Achievements:

  • What’s your most significant Non-academic achievement?

C) Profession & Career-related

  • Which firm have you done the articleship with?
  • Panels to check more details of the candidate’s work during articleship?
  • What type of profile and work are you interested in doing?
  • What are your key strengths & Weaknesses?
  • What shall interest you in joining the group?
  • What are your long-term and short-term goals?
  • Are you willing to relocate/City of preference for working?

D) General awareness

  • How do you manage the pressure situation during the study of CA? Panels will ask the questions on Current affairs.
  • Have they worked on systems audit/rated yourself on technical proficiency?

E) Do you want to know anything from me?

What are the qualities panel members look for in the candidate to select?

  • The Anand Rathi panel members keep a keen eye on the candidate throughout the interview process as they observe their behavior and attitude towards the interview.
  • They will also test you based on how well you present yourself in the first 60 seconds of the interview, as they are the crucial points of the interview process.
  • Anand Rathi interview questions for CA will check up on the candidates’ knowledge about the company and the current affairs, what’s going on and around in the financial world.

Some of the Anand Rathi interview questions for CA are about the candidate’s extra skills:

  1. Whether he was leading in the articleship?
  2. Have you ever presented any suggestions or recommendations to the management or the partners?
  3. What are the extra skills you learned during our period in the articleship?
  4. Do you have any non-technical skills? What soft skills are you good at?
  5. How patient are you while working under pressure?
  6. How well do you handle the deadline?

Recruiters will check upon how you answer these Anand Rathi interview questions for chartered accountants without bluffing and how confident you are with yourself while answering.
Watch below the Full video of Anand Rathi’s Interview Preparation for ICAI Campus Placement!

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Anand Rathi Interview for Campus Placement in ICAI

Remove the Fear of Interview
Focus on how well you’ve prepared rather than the competition that awaits you. Your center should be how well you present yourself during the interview and what impression you leave on the interviewer. 

Think of your interview process like you are going for a session with the professionals and be precise about what you are good at and how you can benefit from working with them.

Avoid the Rush to complete the Introduction.
Often candidates rush to avoid their introduction part and want to move on to the rest of the interview, but it creates a wrong impression of the recruiters of campus placement of ICAI. There is no need to hurry and take your time and brief yourself in detail.

Nervousness can kill an Interview.
Panel members have been interviewing many candidates and have had an eye for the candidate’s behavior for many years. They can clearly see if the candidate is nervous and insecure about the answers or confident about himself. Being nervous in an interview can certainly rule out your selection from the campus placement of ICAI. Anand Rathi interview questions for chartered accountants can be challenging but not impossible for you to crack.

Eager to wrap up the interview.
Candidates want to wrap the interview fast so that they can be free from the trauma of the interview. Candidates want to finish the interview in a rush to escape the lengthy discussions.

Not giving enough Mock Interviews.
Students get hands-on experience with the procedure in a mock interview.

Students acquire confidence by participating in a mock interview. It allows students to consider their nonverbal communication abilities. It also will enable interviewees to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment. Students’ problem-solving skills will improve due to the instant feedback, which will help them present their ideas more effectively.

They can learn how to highlight their abilities while maintaining a respectful demeanor. Candidates should at least give 6-7 mock interviews to become more confident and tackle tricky interview questions.

Give Mock Interviews here with the mentors already placed in the companies like EY, Wipro, TCS, ICICI Bank Ltd, Accenture, Barclays, etc.

Good Salary VS Dream Job: What to Choose?

The CA market is extensive, and there is learning in every sector. One can learn and adapt in every industry and any job role.

If you are going for a good salary, you can sail along with the job role and make yourself adapt to it and enjoy the process, and finally be attached to it. It is okay to choose a reasonable sum of money.

If you are going for your dream job and have a passion for the same, you can be good for it too. If you have already decided to go for a specific job role, certainly go for it.

Check out Interview Preparation questions and tips of:





Nowadays, CA’s prefer research roles or IB or Equity roles over others. But there is a lack of jobs in these specific roles. So candidates should select a company with a specific department for the same or job role, and they can also start somewhere near that job role. 

In some incidents, candidates are not well aware of the job role or what they’ll be doing, or what skills they need to bag that job role. 

In that case, research about that job role and every corner of that goes around it. Try to understand the sight of the current demand and its requirements before hopping onto the job role.

Take some short courses of 1-2 hours of duration and gain knowledge about the same. Mention to the recruiters that you have the upper hand in this role as you are well aware of the job role and you have an interest in the same. You have researched about the same and have the edge over the other candidates in the campus placement of ICAI.

We have listed everything you need to know about Anand Rathi interview questions for chartered accountants and now all you need to do is prepare well and give mock interviews to know your preparation level for the interview.

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